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Using Photoshop as a Lighting Sequencer

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Graphic lighting sequencer

Not too long ago a friend of mine who makes guitars asked me for help with using LEDs to add even more blinky bling to his creations. So far, so good; if you give me the bloated corpse of a yak I can show you how to stuff LEDs into it. However he wanted the LEDs to be programmable so that he could incorporate them into the visual design of his guitars and, dammit Jim, he’s a guitar maker, not a programmer.

I needed an interface that he could use that would be user friendly enough for a non programmer but still give him a good degree of control of how the LEDs are sequenced. Not wanting to write any sort of GUI interface to sequence the lights I figured out that you can use the drawing/painting features of a program such as Photoshop to program the lights.