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Serial LED Strip pt4

Sunday, May 11th, 2008

Testing Serial Strips

Progress continues on the Serial LED strips project. I’ve assembled a fair number of the prototype strips and have been experimenting with a few ideas. I’m really excited about this project… I keep thinking of new projects I can do with these little strips. However for now my focus is on testing the ones that I have in prep for a larger scale production run.

Also I got a lot of positive feedback from people at the Bay Area Maker Faire on the prototype strips I brought mounted on black acrylic (slapped together at the *very* last minute).

Today I set about testing the resistance on the power and ground rails. The resistance on these rails imposes a maximum length of serial strips that can be chained together before power needs to be re-tapped into the chain. Much to my pleasant surprise, the resistance that I measured closely matched my predictions. I had predicted a resistance of 5.70 mOhm on VCC and 6.48 mOhm on GND and I measured 5.79 mOhm on VCC and 6.42 mOhm on GND respectively. Not bad.

Video of the prototype strips in action after the jump.